21. Dezember 2020

Just the day before, Leona and Diana, two of Anca's helpers, found 3 puppies in a fallow field.

And now at the same field only a few meters closer to the road they noticed
a female dog. At first, the two helpers thought it could be the mother of the three puppies from the day before and followed the dog to catch her. Only, when they reached her, they saw the dog lying down in the thicket. They went closer and they saw the reason why. It was newborn puppies.

It was very cold that day and there was going to be snow or freezing rain. So, the two young women decided to call Anca and ask for help for the mama dog and her puppies.

Of course, Anca came and took the little dog family into her "Safe Place".


20. December 2020

It's December.
Cold - Wet
Temperatures around the freezing point.
The wind was icy cold.

Two of Anca's aides were on their way home when they saw something in a fallow field. Something was moving slowly. But they were not able to see what it was. So they decided to go and investigate.

As they got closer, it became clearer and clearer. It was puppies. Three boys were walking alone across this field without a mother. Someone had probably abandoned the three furry noses at the edge of the field and now the little ones were trying to find their way "home" again to get to their mother.

The helpers quickly took the puppies under their jackets.

Now we hope that the three puppy boys are strong enough and we are able to introduce them soon so that they can find their families who will never abandon them again.


15. December 2020

In the middle of Trusesti there is a small market place where several tables are permanently installed. Under one of these tables, an unscrupulous person has disposed of two very young puppies. The little ones are only two to three weeks old. Completely helpless, exposed to all dangers. It is a cold and rainy day. Without help, the two puppies would be dead in a few hours.

A lady walked by this table and noticed the puppies. She took the little ones in her arms and tried to warm them up. The woman looked around, searching for the owner, approaching passersby and asking around. People mocked her or would even verbally abuse her. Finally, the woman had an idea and went to Anca's vet to ask for help for the two puppies.

Anca has known this lady for years. The woman lives in poverty herself and has mental, as well as physical difficulties. But she is kind-hearted and feeds strays and tries to help the street dogs and cats around.

Anca took the little ones in. Now they are safe, being fostered and Anca will try everything possible to ensure the survival of these two.


14. December 2020

Pomarla is a village about one hour from Botosani. A very animal-loving young man works in this village, who is also a supporter of Anca. He is always trying to help street dogs in and around the place.

One day, he noticed that a dog had given birth to her puppies in a dilapidated house near a very busy road. He provided the mother dog with food. Now, the puppies were slowly getting to the age where they were starting to walk and explore everything. The young man was afraid that the puppies would be capable of running onto the street and possibly die out there. Therefore, he asked Anca to help the mother dog with her six puppies. ( four boys, two girls.)

Since then the little family has moved in with Anca and the pups are able to grow up with her in a safe place until they are ready to find their own families.


12. December 2020

Again puppies were simply disposed of as if they were garbage.

Four little furry noses were stuck in a sack, tied up and dumped somewhere along a dirt road. The little ones were scared. Whimpered. Tried to escape from their prison. All in vain. They huddled together and waited. Hoping their owner would come back and get them. The hours passed.

Thirst. Hunger.
For many hours now they had been lying in that bag.
It was getting cold.
But then, someone opened the bag and the puppies saw a face.

A young man saw the sack lying on the dirt road and nudged it lightly with his foot, and something inside the sack moved. He opened it and four little puppies looked at him. The young man took all the puppies home with him. There he gave them something to drink and food. And he called Anca because she happens to be his teacher.

Of course, Anca picked up the 4 puppy boys.
Soon the 4 will get their first vaccination.


11. December 2020

The first snow fell to the ground during the night.

In the early morning, Anca started even earlier than usual, because she expected that there would be not only problems on the roads, but possibly she would be longer at her feeding stations.

Right at her first feeding point, at the rest area between Botosani and Trusesti, a very sweet and young dog was waiting for her. Phoebe, as Anca's vet, would later suggest as her name, literally offered to let Anca take her along. The pretty dog pulled out all the stops, from submissive and cuddly to playful and sweet.

It is very likely that Phoebe was left here by her owner, knowing that this affectionate and innocent creature would most likely not survive for long.

Now Phoebe is safe with Anca and will soon be on her way to find a loving family who will never abandon her again.


30. November 2020

One of Anca's students was walking along the village border of Trusesti.
He was moving toward a larger garbage dump. Containers with household garbage, various garbage scattered everywhere. In the middle of it a larger trough in the ground. Trash thrown everywhere as well. And then the young man spotted a puppy lying among the refuse. And then another and another. He "collected" the three puppies and called Anca.

It was cold. Actually, Anca wanted to warm up and eat something when she arrived home. But then her phone rang again. She listened, spoke a few words, and hung up. She put her shoes back on, got into the car, and drove off. Her student had described the place where he was waiting for her.

The three puppy girls were only a few weeks old. We hope they will make it and are able to go find their own families in a few weeks.


30. November 2020

And it happened again :-(

Two puppy girls were abandoned at THE rest stop. This rest area is known for the fact that pets are abandoned here again and again. Anca has found many puppies as well as kittens that were abandoned here.

We are not able to imagine what causes a person to abandon helpless babies somewhere. And then in this place. Only three meters away from the main road. The connecting highway from Botosani to Trusesti and further to Stefanesti. Many, many trucks pass through here every day and of course cars, too, with high speed. Dogs and cats, which do not know this danger, run without further ado onto this road and are killed there. These people who abandon their animals here take this in stride.

These two puppy girls were lucky - Anca came at the right time and was able to take them home. Now the little ones are being nursed back to health and are receiving their first vaccinations. We hope that they are strong and survive.


29. November 2020

One of Anca's acquaintances told her about a family that houses a lot of cats on their property. Many cats would arrive from the street and find a place of refuge there. However, all the cats there were not spayed or neutered.

Anca visited the family and promised to help neuter the cats if they would continue to tolerate the cats on their property. The family had also taken in a male and a female dog from the streets. Also unneutered, of course. As a result, the dog gave birth to several puppies. Unfortunately, all but one puppy girl died. Anca took the little girl with her and in return had the dog spayed.

Anca will visit this family from time to time to see if the family is keeping their agreement and the cats are able to continue living there in "safety". The little puppy girl is getting her vaccinations and will soon be looking for her own family.


27. November 2020

A cold November morning, a young man was on his way to work when he passed a garbage dump behind a block of flats and saw these two little puppies lying in a cardboard box. It seemed like the little ones had not been left there for a long time because they were not yet hypothermic. The young man took the two first of all with him to his place of work.

Now he thought about what to do with them. Who would be able to help? He himself had no place and no time to take care of orphans. He told his cousin about his find and she knew Anca, as she helped her from time to time in her "Safe Place".

Now the two puppies will receive their first vaccination soon and we hope that we will be able to introduce them very soon so that they can find their families.


26. November 2020

In November, the nights are getting colder and colder and during the day the temperatures are usually only in the single-digit range.

Next to the roads in Romania are open sewage ditches. Small bridges are built over these ditches to connect the road with a piece of land.

Nicu, a young man and foster station of Anca heard soft whining noises beneath such a passage. He looked, but because the flow was blocked with stones and garbage, he was not able to see anything. Nicu suspected that someone had thrown puppies into this ditch and that the little ones were now hiding in the debris. He laid out food and hoped that this would encourage the puppies to come out.

However, this took two days until the puppies dared to accept the food.  There are two boys and one girl. Nicu went to this place for another two days to make sure that there was not another puppy hidden there.  But the food left there was untouched these two days.

Now the only a few weeks old three little fur noses are safe with Nicu and are fed.


25. November 2020

In late November, temperatures drop below 0°C during the nights. During the day they are only just above that. Anca was on her way to the feeding spots again early in the morning, where "her" street dogs are already waiting for her. Waiting for their breakfast. :-)

Her first stop is the rest area near a small forest. Many pets have already been abandoned here. And this time again a little frightened puppy boy was waiting for them -  simply abandoned by his owner.

The little boy squatted under the benches which had been set up there. At first, he did not dare to come closer towards Anca. Again and again, cars rush past this rest area at high speed. But then the desire triumphed in him that Anca might be able to take him with her. And - yes, of course - she took the approx. three-month-old puppy boy with her and brought him to safety


24. November 2020

At some point during a cold, rainy night, a little puppy girl, only a few weeks old, was simply thrown over a fence onto a property. This person who did this accepted without any remorse that the puppy would be injured when it hit the ground or even attacked by the adult dogs living on the property.

Fortunately, the little one did not hurt herself and the dogs did not hurt her either. On the contrary, they took the little one into their midst until the next morning.

The property belongs to a lady who helps Anca as a foster station. She saw the little puppy girl lying with her dogs the next morning. Now the little one is safe for now.


23. November 2020

Anca is in charge of several foster homes in Trusesti. People who are concerned about the fate of street dogs and cats and want to help them. One of these foster homes was asked for help for three puppies. A lady found these only a few weeks old puppies in a remote forest. They were lying nestled together on an old piece of cloth.

Again, three puppies were simply abandoned. Left to their own devices, in the certainty that they will not survive for long. A solution would have been simple and sustainable. Castration.

Now the three boys are living at the foster home and once they have received their vaccinations, the three puppies will go to find their own families.

If you would like to support these three babies, please have a look at sponsorships.


20. November 2020

Across the street from Anca's workplace, Trusesti High School, you will find the children's home of the community. Boys and girls from different age groups live here together. For years Anca has been showing and teaching children how they should deal with dogs and cats, shows them to care for, and introduces them to the being "animal".
Since then, Anca has found understanding, compassionate, little helpers . They protect and take care of animals that need help or have to be found. Thus, a girl playing on the street discovered a small puppy girl crouching near the curb. The girl took the little doggy child with her and brought it to Anca during the school break.

Now the puppy girl is with Anca, is being nursed back to health, and has, due to a child refusing to "look away", won a chance at life.


19. November 2020

Some nights in November are already very cold, often in the single digits.

One of Anca's helpers was on his way home late in the evening when he passed a garbage dump. Out of the corner of his eye, he only saw something scurrying under a container. The young man paused briefly but suspected that it was probably a rat. He was about to continue on his path when he heard a soft whimper. Now he stopped again and listened. And yes, it was a whimper. The young man went to the garbage dump and looked under every container. And the last one had a little puppy. It was a little puppy girl. Trembling with cold, thin and there were fleas scurrying over her body.

The young man called Anca told her about his find and asked if he would be able to bring the little puppy girl to her. And of course, Anca agreed.

Now the only few-week-old girl is with Anca and will be nursed back to health.


Christmas flea market on Facebook

Karin Kulessa has come up with something particularly wonderful.
A Christmas flea market on Facebook to benefit Anca's dogs.

In this group, it will be possible to buy or sell items. The proceeds will go directly to Anca's dogs in the form of food. The currency is dog food bags. The regulations and payment procedures are described there in detail.

We think this is a great idea. Please have a look:
Christmas flea market Aktiv-Tierschutz Lichtblicke e.V.

Browsing is welcome, perhaps you will find one or the other holiday present and thus enable the dogs in Romania full bellies for Christmas.

30. Oktober 2020

Since the beginning of July, a big male dog has been living at the rest area, that Anca stops at as her last destination. Bogdan, as Anca called him, was waiting for her every day. Even if it was late in the evening, Bogdan was waiting for her there.

But he kept his distance from Anca for weeks. He was happy to see her and jumped back and forth, but he did not let Anca stroke him. He also did not take any food from her hand, but at some point, Anca was allowed to touch the tip of his nose.

Bogdan was careful but by no means frightened. He probably only wanted to be sure that nobody could hurt him and so he always decided to keep at least one meter distance to people.

Ancas' motto is that she can only help animals if they want to go with her.

Then at the end of October, four months Bogdan survived there at the resting place, exposed to all dangers, Bogdan's behavior changed and he let Anca pet him and touch him. He did not keep his distance to her and followed Anca to her car. Bogdan even went one step further. He stuck his head into the car and thus showed Anca that he was finally ready to trust a human being again - he wanted to go with her.


29. Oktober 2020

Again a dog was abandoned at a resting spot.

Most likely the owner took his dog with him, put him in the car, drove with him to this resting place, seized him by the neck, and tossed his pet dog towards the undergrowth. Before the dog understood what has just transpired, its owner was already out of sight. And the dog was on its own. Presumably unable to survive as a small dog on the streets of Romania.

This or something similar is what Rosu must have experienced.

One day in October Anca visited this resting point to feed "her" street dogs. Rosu came running towards her, dancing and jumping up at her. Rosu was so happy that someone was there now. Maybe someone to help him, someone to take him back. Rosu clung to Ancas' leg. He didn't want her to leave without him. He tried everything possible and of course, the male had success. Anca took the extremely loving and people-oriented Rosu, as she later called him, to safety.


28. Oktober 2020

On a day in October Anca received another call for help.

This time from an animal-loving gentleman, who had given refuge to a street dog in his garage. The female dog was free to come and go whenever she liked. He left her water and leftover meals. He often did not see the dog for days, but the food was always consumed. One day he noticed that "his" street dog was no longer alone. She had given birth to seven cute, lively puppies. Now the puppies are a few weeks old and he was not able to care for all of them. He would need assistance, for the little ones and the mother dog.

Anca promised the man that she would take the small family in,
as soon as the puppies got their first vaccinations and there would be some space in her "Safe Place" again. In return, the man promised to continue taking care of the canine family.


28. Oktober 2020

And again a heartless somebody has abandoned three beautiful puppies at the roadside. This, someone, acted in the certainty that these puppies would probably not survive. There was a high probability that the puppies would be thrown onto the nearby road would run and die there, or that they would continue their journey into the undergrowth and there miserable because of hunger and lack of water
would die.

Leona, a student and assistant of Anca , was on her way home when she heard something in the undergrowth near the road. Completely by chance. She checked and found three young puppies. Only a few weeks old. She took the little ones home and thus saved three lives. The puppies can stay there for now until they received their first vaccinations. Then they will move to Anca and from there they would go on to look for their families, who will never abandon them again.


27. Oktober 2020

In October, it became apparent that winter was just around the corner. The temperatures at night were already many times in single digits only.

A student of Trusesti High School found a small female dog with her seven newborn puppies in a hole on a field. The little ones were just a few days old. Their eyes and ears were still closed. Soon there would be the first ground frost and the babies were defenselessly exposed to the cold in this place. The young man took the puppies along with the mother dog and informed Anca about his discovery.

Of course, Anca picked the small family up and brought them to her " safe place". The female dog takes excellent care of her offspring. And now with a roof over her head, warm pads, good food, and proper care her puppies have a good chance to survive.

We hope that everything goes well and that in a few months we will be able to present the seven to their new families, to ensure a carefree and exciting, beautiful dog life.


27. Oktober 2020

Near Ancas workplace, Trusesti High School, there is a trash yard behind a block of residential buildings, where all kinds of garbage is thrown away. Not only do the residents of this neighborhood bring their household garbage there, but also people who live somewhere else. Again and again, animals are also disposed of in this area. Mostly puppy dogs or kittens.

A fellow teacher of Anca lives in this block. Before starting work he just quickly wanted to take his household garbage over there. In front of a garbage container, there were three young puppies on a bag. Another one was beneath the container and five were running back and forth in desperation. The young man quickly called Anca. Of course, Anca immediately drove to this trash site.

Together they "collected" the five puppies. The little ones were not in good condition. Thin, full of vermin, and very, very tired. Anca put the five puppies into their transport box, provided them with water and food. After the puppies had satisfied their hunger, they fell asleep immediately- nestling together.

We sincerely hope that these five little ones will survive and forget that their owner disposed of them like household waste.


26. Oktober 2020

On the same day that Anca found Bila, she received an emergency call in the evening. A lady had found a bag at a garbage dump, which contained five puppies. Since she did not know what to do, she left the bag behind.

Anca asked the lady to fetch the puppies from the garbage place and to keep them at her place until the next day. Anca promised that she would pick up the puppies at her place the very next day. And indeed, the woman sends her son to get the puppies. The sack was still there with the five puppies still inside.

The next day, as promised, Anca picked up the five little ones from the lady and took them to her vet for first aid. All five were covered with parasites plus their larvae and eggs. The five were in a very neglected condition.

One thing we will never understand is: how can someone simply dispose of helpless creatures like garbage? These puppies are only a few weeks old and were simply snatched from their mother to dump them in a trash dump to die!

We hope that these five babies are strong enough and will fight. Fighting for wonderful dog life, that we will try to offer them.


26. Oktober 2020

At October - after a long day in Trusesti Anca was on her way home. Her last feeding place is a resting place near a small woods. Dogs and cats are often abandoned there. But there are also street dogs living there, which are fed by Anca every day.

This time Anca found a new fur nose there. From the first second on, this young dog was so friendly, so happy, that finally someone took care of her, talked to her, stroked her.

Anca took the approx. 11 months old bitch with her. As sweet and humane as this bitch is, it would be too dangerous for her to stay here. Anca put the bitch on her passenger seat. Bila, as Anca called her now, was so happy, so glad. She behaved very still, very calm, only her tail did not stand still and "knocked" against the car door.

Now, this black beauty is safe with Anca. Soon Bila will be looking for her own family. We will be reporting about it.


24. Oktober 2020

One October evening, Anca had just finished feeding her fosterlings, when her cell phone rang. A woman from Trusesti reported that she had found three young puppies on the edge of a dirt road. She did not want to leave the little ones there to themselves, but she actually did not actually have space for the dog babies.  She asked Anca if she could take care of all three puppies.

Of course, Anca agreed and since she had to go to Trusesti that very evening, she made an appointment with the lady to pick up the three little fur noses.

We hope that all three will make it. Anca will do her utmost, and so that they can survive and later start the search for their own families.


20. Oktober 2020

And again ...
Two puppy girls ...
simply abandoned at a resting area.

It is autumn. The days are cold, the nights even colder.
It is raining very often.
What are these people thinking, who expose small puppies in need of help?
Do these people really believe that puppies at the age of only a few weeks can actually survive? Without food - without water - without protection?

Anca found the two girls one morning when she was on her way to school. The two puppy girls stood by the curb and waited. Probably for their owner to pick them up and take them home. But this would never happen. Fortunately, Anca came to this rest area, in order to stock up the feeding spot.

Now the two cute puppy girls are safe with Anca.


09. Oktober 2020

One morning, Anca was in the middle of a lesson when, in a quiet moment, she went to a window and looked out. Completely surprised, she saw a dog lying very close to the road on the opposite side of the school. Very, very close. Anca left everything and hurried downstairs hoping to get to the dog in time before a car ran over him.

When she arrived at its location, it turned out to be an old female dog. Nela, as Anca later called the dog, hardly has any teeth left in her upper jaw. The canine granny seemed depressed and hopeless. It seemed to Anca that the dog had almost completely lost her will to live. Nobody saw or noticed if Nela was abandoned at the spot or if the old dog lady was laying herself so close to the side of the road by herself.

But what we do know is this: Nela is a very gentle, calm, old canine grandma who deserves to spend her last months or years in a soft dog bed, being protected and cared for.

We will try that Nela finds a lovely family for herself and that adopts her and grants her heaven on earth.


07. Oktober 2020

At a early morning when Anca arrived at her first feeding place, the rest area where pets are abandoned frequently. Anca feeds the street dogs who live there every morning but on this day she noticed that there was a new fur nose among them. It was a small female dog who suffered from an early stage of mange and had many small wounds. At first, Anca couldn’t tell whether these wounds were caused by the mange (cracked skin) or were injuries. Unfortunately, Anca didn’t get close enough to touch or let alone catch her. Lory, as Anca calls her now, was cautious and wary. Therefore, Anca had no other choice but to leave some food for her with the hope that she would be more trusting the next morning.

And that’s exactly what happened. At the next morning Lory was already waiting at the entrance of the rest area. When Anca stopped and left the car, Lory ran to her full of happiness and hope. She wasn’t cautious anymore but rather so happy that she let Anca touch, caress and pick her up. Anca took her with her and started with Lory’s treatment on that day.


01. Oktober 2020

When Anca came home that afternoon, her neighbour was waiting for her. He carried a small brown female puppy in his arms. He told her that he was in the village when he saw the small puppy sitting in the middle of the road. She didn’t even move when a car drove slowly towards her. He hurried to get to the puppy and reached her just in time to pick her up and step aside.

If he had been there a minute later, the sweet little puppy would have been dead. But now she has a chance. Anca took the little one with her to her „Safe Place“.

We'll keep you informed about the development of this sweet little puppy.


30. September 2020

It was a rather normal Wednesday in Anca’s everyday life. She wakes up at 05:30am and drives to work. On the way to Trusesti she drops by a few feeding places. When she arrives at the high school, she works as a teacher for 6 to 8 hours. Afterwards, she continues to drive to feeding places, visits foster homes or takes dogs to the veterinarian to have them neutered.

When Anca was leaving the high school that afternoon, she got a call from one of her students. He told her that on the way home he found eight young puppies lying in the grass next to the road. He asked whether it’s possible for Anca to pick them up because they were so small that they would die otherwise. Naturally, Anca agreed. The student waited for her there and made sure that nothing happened to them.

All puppies appear to be healthy but they’re very young. It’s not sure yet if they've enough strength to survive without their mother. Anca will try everything so that they've a chance to survive.

You’re welcome to give one of these fur noses their name by contributing a one-time donation of 50 € to pay for their vaccination, deworming and treatment against parasites.

Please contact us:
Britta Gebauer
or our partner organisation „Aktiv Tierschutz Lichtblicke e.V“.


29. September 2020

Anca’s mobile phone rang late that evening. A young man was on the other end of the phone. It was one of Anca’s students. He told her that he was on the way home when he found a little puppy who was sitting frightened next to a tree stump close to a forrest. He asked Anca what he’s supposed to do now.

She asked whether it’s possible for him to take the puppy home with him and keep him overnight. She would take over the puppy the next morning if he brought him to school.

And that’s what happened. It turned out that the male puppy is around 2 months old. We hope that he’ll survive. You’re welcome to give this sweet black boy a name by contributing a one-time donation of 50€ to pay for his vaccination.

Please contact us:
Britta Gebauer
or our partner organisation „Aktiv Tierschutz Lichtblicke e.V“.


29. September 2020

The day before, Anca found three puppies at her first feeding stop, the rest area between Botosani and Trusesti.

One day later, a small dog was waiting there. She was soaked to the skin because it rained heavily the night before. Furthermore, the dog was so thin that her ribs were visible.

The dog was friendly and so happy that finally someone was there. She just wanted someone to take her away and no longer wanted to wait alone at the rest area. Why should she wait for her owner to pick her up again? That’ll never happen. Naturally, Anca put the small dog in the car and brought her to safety.

When Anca took the small dog to the veterinarian, it turned out that she tested positive for babesiosis. At the moment the dog who doesn’t have a name yet is being treated so she regains weight quickly and can start looking for a nice family after her treatment is over.

We will keep you informed how this lovely and trusting little dog is doing.


28. September 2020

Anca was on her way to work at the high school of Trusesti early in the morning. It was very cold that day. A few feeding places are on her way to the high school so Anca drives there before work as well. As usual, she stopped by a rest area where pets are abandoned frequently.

Anca immediately noticed a box that hadn’t been there the day before. As she got closer, she could already hear soft whimper and saw two puppies right beside it. A third puppy was behind it next to a white burlap bag. Three small around five weeks old puppies were abandoned here and left to die.

The three puppies were so happy that someone finally came who would hopefully take them with them. And of course, Anca put all three of them in her warm car. The fur noses are safe now. They get good food, love and soon their first vaccination.

We hope that all three of them will survive. You’re welcome to give one of these fur noses their name by contributing a one-time donation to pay for their vaccinatio, deworming and treatment against parasites.

Please contact us:
Britta Gebauer
or our partner organisation „Aktiv Tierschutz Lichtblicke e.V“.


25. September 2020

Hope died.

When Anca came home, the small and brave puppy was lying on her blanket, not moving. There hadn’t been any signs that this would happen. Just this morning, everything was fine. Hope ate, drank and was happy these last few days because she was petted and got attention.

Our partner organisation "Aktiv Tierschutz Lichtblicke e.V." even found a great foster home for Hope and she would have been allowed to leave soon. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be.

Run free little girl :-(


07. September 2020

Anca visits „her“ chained-up watchdogs regularly. She checks on most of them every day because only a few owners take good care of their dogs. On this day, Anca went to visit one of these owners.

When she arrived, he showed Anca a female puppy which he found nearby his farm two days ago. The puppy was really, really thin and barely able to walk because both her hind legs and also her hip are deformed. It is too early to tell whether she had an accident or was born like this. She has to be examined by a veterinarian to figure this out.

Naturally, Anca took the little girl with her to bring her to a veterinarian and now Hope, as she is called today, is being nursed back to health. Good food, a safe home, and a soft dog basket are waiting for little Hope.



02. September 2020

In mid-June Anca received a call from an acquaintance. He told her, that his female dog was about to give birth to her puppies and he was not would know what to do with the pups. Anca reacted angry and asked him why he had let it come to this point? Why did he not have his dog neutered in time, before Sofie got pregnant. Now it was too late.

Even though Anca was annoyed, she promised to take care of the little ones. In return they would have to agree to have Sofie neutered, as soon as her puppies no longer need her. 2 days after this call, Sofie gave birth to 7 puppies.

Now a few months have passed and Sofie has been neutered and her puppies have found their families.


01. September 2020

Florin and his sister were walking around aimlessly. They just didn‘t know where to go. They were stuck inside a cardboard box and thrown inside the truck of a car. Their owner took both puppies and put them down near the curbstone. Somewhere. Then he entered his vehicle and drove off. Florin and Ioana stayed behind. This or similarily they could‘ve ended up on the streets.

One day on late August, Anca was on her way home from her feeding tour, She decided to stop at the rest stop, to feed the stray dogs that have made it their home. While near the entryway of the parkinglot, she already spotted two puppies, that were feeding on something. Anca left her vehicle and decided to take a closer look. Florin and his sister were in the process of devouring a dead hare. Both of them were frail and covered in fleas. Anca offered wet feed, that both of them wolfed down. Of course Anca took both of them with her.


31. August 2020

Anca received another call from one of students. She told her, quite upset, that she had just found two newborn puppies inside  a plastic bag at a garbage collection side. The miserable cries of the little ones managed to catch her attention, enabling her to secure them. Anca promised to meet her at the orphanage she is currently living in. Anca collected a few things and drove off.

When she arrived at the orphanage, a few children where already waiting for her - among them, her student. The girl wanted to nurture both of them. Of course, Anca brought everything: bottles, powdered milk, towels. Anca explained what she had to do, to be able to feed the little dwarves. What she had to look out for, and how she should interact with them.

We now hope that these two newborn puppies were found just in time. And that they're strong enough to survive without their birthmother.


28. August 2020

On the grounds of the Trusesti retirement home several street dogs found refuge and are able to live there. Anca feeds these animals regularly and started a campaign with their veterinarian to catch and castrate shy dogs.

This is where many weeks ago a not so shy female dog would deliver four puppy girls.  Anca fed and cared for the wellbeing of the small family to the best of her abilities. Sadly, two of them vanished without a trace. Nobody would ever find them. Anca assumes that they probably have fallen ill and hid somewhere to die. Anca sadly couldn't do anything for these two little girls.

The other two puppies are happy and healthy. Anca took both of them home, where they would be safe. Since then their mother has been castrated.


27. August 2020

In the late afternoon Anca received a phone call from her husband. He told her that his mechanic had called him because he noticed that someone had seen that one or two puppies had been spotted in the driveway to his workshop. His mechanic asked him if Anca would drop by to save the puppies. Of course Anca agreed and immediately went on her way to the workshop.

When she arrived at the aforementioned entrance, a small puppy boy was sitting at the side of the road, as if he was waiting for someone. Anca took the little one in her arms and looked around a little more closely. The mechanic did not know exactly how many puppies were abandoned here. While searching Anca found another much smaller puppy, it was a girl, some dry feed scattered around and a can of water beside it. Most likely the unscrupulous person who abandoned them both thought that the two puppies would survive with it. More likely than not the doggy babies sooner or later would've walked onto a nearby high traffic road and died.

Anca took the two little furry noses with her to safety.


26. August 2020

Anca was on her way home to visit her foster station. When she parked in front of her house, a neighbour was already waiting for her. This neighbour explained that someone had left a bag containing puppies somewhere.

Both women went to a spot near a stream, where the lady had found the puppies this morning.

Five little puppies. All five where healthy but hungry.

We can't understand, how someone could throw away five healthy young puppies - discard them like trash, knowing that the little ones where most likely going to die. It would've been so easy to prevent unescessary suffering. Just by castration.

We will keep you updated on the developement of these five.


24. August 2020

After a long day with castrations, feeding and taking care of street animals from Trusesti Anca was on her way home. On the way there is a rest area, where animals are released again and again. Many times already Anca found animals there, mostly puppies and kittens, which could not survive on their own.

When Anca stopped there that day, she directly saw a bag there lie on the floor. She approached and checked it. The sack was only closed with clothespins. These weren't really holding the bag closed, so that one could free himself from his prison.. And Anca already heard who was probably stuck in that bag. Two kittens came running towards them. Screaming, hungry.

When Anca put both kittens in a box, she heard a third Kitten cry. She searched and saw it too,but it was too afraid and disappeared in the undergrowth. Anca had no more chance to bring them to safety. Anca left food there and drove home. However, her thoughts always went back to this kitten, which was now alone there somewhere in the undergrowth. They decided to stop there first thing the next day and look for it.

And indeed. The next morning the third kitten was waiting in front of the undergrowth. Anca could take it directly on her arm and put it in a box set. It seemed as if the kitten was very relieved and happy, that Anca has come back.

Now all three kittens get their vaccinations and wait for their families.
We will report about the three very cuddly and lovely kittens.


22. August 2020

Between Trusesti and Stefanesti lies a resting area, which is known as place where locals are time and again abandon unloved and unneeded pets . Anca visits this resting place during her daily feeding tour through Trusesti to see if a dog or cat needs help.

When she arrived that day and got out of her vehicle, a little black tomcat ran towards her. He screamed and quickly came running to Anca. She took him in her arms. He was so thin. You could feel his small ribs. He would never be able to survive here alone. Anca put him into a transport box and scattered dry dog food for the street dogs that come here to eat.

In retrospect, Anca can no longer say exactly why she was still walked to those planter boxes. A feeling, a hunch... And in fact, in one of these plant boxes a tiny , palm-sized kitten was sleeping. At first Anca thought it was dead, but no, it moved. Of course Anca also took this tiny kitty with her. It would have had no chance of survival at this rest stop.


21. August 2020

August 21 was one of those days when Anca was left speechless. Stunned by anger, incomprehension and sadness.

Around noon, Anca received a call from a very animal-loving family living in a small village in the Trusesti area. The lady told Anca that she had found a young female dog with a wire wrapped around her hind leg. The leg was looking very bad. She asked Anca for help for the dog.

Anca immediately drove to the family and when she saw the young female dog, with her severely swollen and inflamed hind leg, she was taken aback at first. What pains the young dog must have endured for so many days. She could no longer step on her leg. The pain was simply too severe. On closer inspection, one could clearly see a wire that was pulled very tightly into the flesh around the hind leg. This is even in Romania an illegal method to set up traps. Traps, which are supposed to prevent dogs from killing poultry.

The dog was lucky that she only stepped into the trap with her hind leg. If she had gotten into it with her head, the girl would have been slowly strangled. Besides, the dog was very very thin. Ribs, hip bones, as well as facial bones were clearly visible.

Anca took the dog with her and immediately took her to her veterinarian. There Felice, as the she was later called by her sponsor, was put under anesthesia and the wire was removed from her back leg. Now we hope that Felice can keep her leg. The healing will take a long time. Every day the leg has to be cleaned and treated again.

Many thanks to Mrs. Katrin Reitz for taking over the veterinary costs, incl. later vaccination.

The family that found Felice wants to take care of her and keep her.
So Felice now has a nice home where she gets enough food and love.


17. August 2020

During her daily feeding tour, Anca always visits to the orphanage of Trusesti to feed and care for the street dogs that are tolerated on the premises.

On this day Anca arrived at the orphanage later than usual. Some children came to meet her excitedly and told her that some older children had found three puppies while walking in the nearby woods. And also a smaller puppy on the way back to the orphanage. The children show Anca the four puppies . As it looks, it does not seem that they are siblings.

The four puppies were very lucky that the children found them and took them away. They would not have survived in the forest for long. Of course Anca took the four puppies with her.

We will report how the four little furry noses develop.



10. August 2020

On this day Anca was on her way to a watchdog, who she was looking after, to see if she was all right and to bring her a few sticks of chewing material to keep her busy. As Anca walked from the chain dog's property back to her car, five tiny young puppies suddenly came running and followed Anca.

Anca looked around and searched for their mommy at the adjoining premises. But unfortunately in vain. It is likely that just at the moment when Anca was with the chain dog, these five tiny little furry noses were abandoned there.

Of course Anca took the five puppies with her and brought them to a foster home. It seems that these puppies are only about six weeks old and will be rather small dogs later. We will report how the five puppies will develop.



08. August 2020

This Saturday should be a very hot day. Therefore Anca started very early in the morning with her feeding tour.

The road to Trusesti leads Anca to her first stop, the rest arop where pets are "disposed" of again and again. Besides "her" well-known street dogs, which wait there for Anca every day, there was also a small black female dog this Saturday. She was very thin and shy. She did not dare to touch the dry food Anca had spread out. When Anca offered her chunks of wet food, she quickly came to her. It seemed as if this sweet little black dog had not been fed for days. Anca took her to safety.


Arriving in Trusesti, Anca directly saw a knee-height female dog fearfully running across the main road and disappearing under a car. Anca went after her, approached the dog and offered her food. Carefully, the dog came out from under the car, looked around frantically and hastily wolfed down the chunks of wet food. Anca was able to pet the dog and the she became visibly calmer. Anca took her into her arms. Nearby at the roadside there was a stall selling watermelons. Anca asked there if anyone knew the dog, if she had an owner. But no, nobody knew anything. Anca kept asking, but with the same result. Nobody knew her. The little dog snuggled up to Anca in such a way that she did not have the heart to leave the her there. Anca took her with her.


When Anca was finished with the feeding stations in Trusesti, she continued her journey towards Stefanesti. A little behind the village of Trueseti there is another rest stop where animals are often released. Anca has set up another feeding spot there. But on this Saturday, on the way there, she saw a small dog sitting at the side of the road. It seemed as if it was waiting for something. Probably for its owner, who will never come back. Anca stopped. The little dog came running towards her, tail wagging. It turned out to be a sweet and friendly dog. Of course Anca took the female dog with her. Three loving and friendly girls will soon (each for herself) be looking for a home. We will keep you updated.



25. July 2020

And again a mother dog had been abandoned with her young near a rest stop.

Anca started her feeding route earlier in the morning, and exactly at the first stop she already found a female dog and four young in the undergrowth. The little ones were merely days old. It’s not very likely that she has given birth to her litter in this place, it’s more likely she had been abandoned. The mother dog was incredibly hungry and wolfed down the food. Anca decided to load all five of them into her car to bring them to safety.

A few days before Ioana had found seven , only several days old puppies that had been thrown away and sentenced to death on a dump site within a Forrest.(We already covered their story.) Anca now tried to have these seven nurse from the mother dog they had found that day. With lots of patience and verbal assurance, the dog was convinced and agreed. She took all seven of them in as their own. The small family had now become a large one. Facebook